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Web Stories: The Best Content Format for a Gardening Blog

Manali Oak
If you are a gardening expert or enthusiast, you should consider starting a blog to share your gardening stories with the online world.
Visual Stories will help you at every step. You won't have to worry about the technicalities of writing the blog as Web Stories will be its content format.

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Web Stories are best-suited for a gardening blog, since they are rich in visuals, which means you can create impressive Stories by using photos and videos of your garden.
Your blog will essentially be about garden plants, garden decor and accessories or landscaping ideas, where 'visual' content is the king.
Thus, you will mainly be including photos and videos in your blog posts, which is exactly why Web Stories will be the best choice of format for your gardening blog.
Web Stories are a fabulous combination of social media and open web. They are fast-loading, mobile-focused and visually engaging like social media stories and also search engine-friendly.
They feature in a dedicated section on Google's 1st page and in Google Discover, thus get more reach and visibility.
Adopt Web Stories before competition catches up and enjoy a larger readership for your gardening content.
Visual Stories gives you a no-code solution to start a blog. This blog is a PWA whose hosting, setup and maintenance will be handled by Visual Stories.
To create blog content (Web Stories), you will be accessing the Visual Story Builder, a WYSIWYG, feature-rich story creation tool.
This tool comes with a media library of music, images and videos that can be used to beautify your Stories. You can also upload your own videos and images in the Stories.

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You can boost the user engagement of your website in minutes, by embedding a visual content widget provided by Visual Stories for free.
To give attention-grabbing designs to your stories, you can use any of the several design templates provided by Visual Stories.
You can get a quiz game on your blog and give your readers engaging and interactive experiences.
So don't wait further to start your gardening blog. Being different and much more engaging than long-form articles, your Web Stories will outsmart the competition and fetch you more readers.
Share gardening tips, upload photos/videos of your garden, flaunt your gardening skills through visuals or write about garden plants and decor.
Gardening blog ideas are plenty, but they are best-implemented through Web Stories.
Start your gardening blog now and enjoy readership and rankings.
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