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Various Types of Peonies You Should Know

There is so much more to a peony than being just a pretty flower. Let's find a few types of peonies you should have in your garden.
Batul Nafisa Baxamusa
A peony flower is known as the 'King of Flowers' in China and Japan.
It often symbolizes wealth in China, as only the Emperors used peonies. In Japan, it symbolized bravery, honor, and good luck.
So in general, peonies symbolize love, prosperity, honor, romance, good fortune, beauty, and wealth.
They are the perfect flowers to be gifted to someone getting married, graduating, starting a new venture, or just had a baby.
Let us take a look at some of the beautiful types of peonies that you should know about.
Chinese Raspberry Sundae
The creamy pink-colored flowers are gracing gardens since 1968. A single full bloom will steal the show in your flower arrangement.

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Charlie's White
These are stunning double-creamy flowers that will grace any garden proudly. Highly fragrant, Charlie's White have crepe-like petals, waiting to be touched.
First Arrival
Oh! These beautiful rose-scented flowers are a delightful addition to any garden. These first arrival peonies are 8-inch flowers and are highly sought after by collectors as they are easy to grow and maintain.
Coral Charm
Ain't these salmon-colored peonies pretty? These elegant, semi-double blossoms are known for their color transformation when blooming,
Burning Bright
These are red-pinkish colored peonies with a bright yellow center. These tall flowers developed inĀ  1940s have a tendency to stand out brightly among other blooms.
Bowl of Beauty
These incredible pink flowers with highly fragrant center are perfect additions to a bouquet.
A bright change from the pastel peonies. These bright golden-yellow peonies have a striking beauty to brighten up any corner of a room.
Do Tell
This flouncy 7-inch flower of orchid-pink color is a Japanese favorite. Its soft coral and pink shades perfectly compliment the roses in a bouquet.
Festiva Maxima
The charming white festiva maxima flowers were introduced in 1851. They have extra petals due to a genetic mutation making them 'maxima' for a reason.
Pillow Talk
The very fragrant, very pretty pillow talk peonies are large and double-flowered. They are slightly bi-colored and have a sweet, satiny appearance.
Peonies have been around since 4000 years ago! They reached Japan from China by the 8th century. They reached Europe in the late 1800's. Since then they became a global hit.

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Peonies are pretty, elegant, and graceful flowers. They are absolutely magical. You can gift them to anyone and bring a big smile on the receiver's face.