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16 Types of Roses

Amruta Joshi
It is  also known as English rose.
David Austin Rose
It has sweet and classic scent.
Hybrid Tea Rose
These roses are easy to care and disease resistant.
Groundcover Rose
This rose grows in clusters and is usually pink or yellow.
Polyantha Rose
A shrub rose is a combination of the old and modern type of rose.
Shrub Rose
This rose requires less maintenance.
Rambler Rose
It is very popular as house plant.
Miniature Rose
It is tolerant of low temperatures.
Alba Rose
Found in shades of pink or red.
Bourbon Rose
It is attracts butterflies.
China Rose
Also known as cabbage rose for packed petals.
Centifolia Rose
It is used in the perfume industry.
Damask Roses
Comes in a pink and purple shade.
Gallica Rose
This type of rose has striped petals.
Hybrid Perpetual Rose
It is very popular and available in wide range of  colors.
Moss Rose
It originated from China.
Tea Rose