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15 Types of Gardenias

Amruta Joshi
1. Cape Jasmine
Jasmine is known for its pleasant fragrance.
The plant is harvested for medicine and is a source of wood.
2. Gardenia Taitensis
3. Gardenia Thunbergia
Gardenia Thunbergia can grow as an indoor plant.
It is a species of flowering plant in the coffee family.
4. Gardenia Brighamii
5. Kleim’s Hardy
Kleim’s Hardy is a species of flowering tree in the madder family.
6. Gardenia Gummifera
It's a shrub or small flowering plant found in India.
7. August Beauty
August Beauty is an evergreen plant, and it's a popular ornamental shrub.
8. Gardenia Transvenulosa
Gardenia transvenulosa is found in Kenya and Tanzania.
9. Gardenia Anapetes
It is a species of flowering tree of the madder family, found in Hawaiʻi.
10. Gardenia Hillii
Gardenia hillii is a species of plant in the family Rubiaceae.
11. Gardenia Candida
Gardenia Candida is used as decoration in many occasions.
This flower has a pleasant fragrance, which makes it popular.
12. Gardenia Storckii
13. Gardenia Gordonii
All gardenias need lots of sunlight to grow and to bloom.
14. Gardenia Hutchinsonian
The gardenia shrub should be planted in moist and well-drained soil.
15. Gardenia Grieve
Gardenia plants create a magical garden atmosphere at your place.