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Top 8 Types of Plumeria

Sreedevi Nair
Vibrant and fragrant, Plumeria is one of the most impressive floral plants in the world that instantly soothes us with its mere presence.
Its flowering trees are commonly found in tropical destinations and are popularly known as ‘frangipani’ by many. The five-petaled Plumeria is among the most beloved tropical flowers both for its versatility and sheer beauty.
Did You Know?

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  • It is named Plumeria after French botanist Charles Plumier.
  • Originally from Central and South America, Plumeria has over 300 varieties! They can be bushy shrubs or crooked-branched short trees, and the flowers come in different colors.
  • Although it does not contain nectar, the flower has a strong and sweet peachy smell that attracts and fools insects seeking nectar and thereby pollinates it.
Plumeria are available in a wide range of color combinations today. Let's take a look at some different varieties of this gorgeous flower.
These white and bright yellow-hued flowers with its petals tucked in pin-wheel arrangement are the most commonly found plumerias.
Plumeria Rubra
The flowers are known for their use in Hawaiian welcome lei. Nicaraguans consider it their national flower as well.
These dwarf flowers are also known as Singapore Plumerias and have white and yellow hues with glossy broad leaves.
Plumeria Obtusa
Growing in tropical places like Mexico, the West Indies, Belize, and Guatemala, the flowers are known for strong fragrance.
A unique feature of the flower is its deep pink, white and yellow stripes on the petals, reminding of candy stripes.
Plumeria Rubra ‘Candy Stripe’
An eye-catching cluster of slender petaled blooms, this frangipani has long thin white petals and elongated leaves.
Plumeria Stenophylla
Plants of this species don't grow as tall as other species, and they are bushy shrubs growing till 2.5 meters in height.
These sunny yellow flower is a soothing sight to behold. Florida, America, is usually the place where these are found in abundance.
Plumeria Rubra ‘ Aztec Gold'
This variety features striking deep pink flowers with faded red and yellow hues that look stunning in manicured landscaping and gardening. Additionally, the flowers stay fresh for a longer period of time and are used for home décor.
Plumeria rubra 'Intense Rainbow’
These types of Plumeria come in deep rich mauve petals and is commonly found in Thailand and other South east Asian countries.
Plumeria Siam Red
Also known as Muang Anchan Plumeria, this flower species is the rarest variety of them all.
Black Purple Plumeria
With its fiery orange center and deep purple petals that darken around the edge, the flower looks stunningly royal. Thailand is the only place where this flower can be found, and it has a mild fragrance compared to others.
As varied as the names they have in different languages around the world, these scented blossoms are perfect to add a tropical vibe to your gardens and verandah, even if you live in the city!