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Stockade Fence

Azmin Taraporewala
Do you hate those prying eyes that urge to find solace in your house? Installing a stockade fence is the perfect solution you could resort to and have those prying looks kick the bucket! Read on and fence it up. ...
Gone are the days when people had a non-interfering attitude. Gone are the days when the tendency to look beyond the fence was a habit, thoroughly shunned and detested. Now the days have arrived when interference is the biggest virtue and prying the toughest merit to behold.
Well, in an age where privacy and security go hand in hand, fencing is the most important constituent that completes the house. The house, without a fence, is an alfresco invitation to all those who score high on their masquerading and trespassing techniques.
A privacy fence, in the actual, is a sophisticated barricade that keeps those prying eyes at bay. It serves to be a sheath in order to save the house from unwanted gazes and stares.
Though people have resorted to having a zero lot line concept to save on space, they still believe to have a fence installed to secure their privacy. One of the most convenient and popular fencing idea is the stockade fence. With a stockade fence installed, home owners don't need to worry about the neighbors nagging nor the trespassers detective-like stares.
Your privacy is enhanced in such a manner that you could rest assured when your kids are playing in the garden. You are also spared from the uncanny stares that you may garner when you and your spouse are having a nice time together.
I am sure you want to know the process of installing stockade wood fence posts - to make your life more secured, personifying privacy to the core.

Installing Stockade Fence

  • Planning always helps. Your first step is to check if there are any restrictions on the height of the fence. Are there any fencing rules and regulations that you must follow in order to abide by the local building code office. Also check there is no underground wiring or any pipelines where you propose to fix the fence.
  • Now, as you are clear with all the rules and regulations and have no qualms about building the stockade fence, you could go ahead and measure the area of fencing. Set stakes at the ends and measure the distance it covers with a string. Measure each of the fence panels.
  • Lay the panels momentarily to get a fair idea of where you want the fences to be. This is indeed a time-consuming process, however helpful in the future.
  • Install the stakes by using the panel measurements you acquired when placing the panels. Place them in such a way that they are touching the string. This is done in order to secure their alignment structure.
  • The next step to install your stockade fence is to dig the holes. Dig the holes with measurements of 10 to 12 inches in circumference. Measure the panel from top to bottom and add six inches to it.
  • A digging tip to follow is to dig the bottom larger than the top. This is done so as to facilitate the filling of the cement.
  • Position the corner posts first. Pour 5 to 6 inches of gravel into the hole, aiding to keep water away from the ends of the post. Center the post and tamp the surrounding gravel with cement.
  • Trowel the cement in a downward motion to avoid water creating a puddle around the posts.
  • Set the other posts by using the string as a height meter. Cut off the extra length from the post if it does not conform to the height. If it is too short then you could have the gravel filled up and raised to the required level.
  • Let the cement stand for 2 to 4 days. Attach the panels together by nailing or screwing them.
  • Enjoy the pleasures that privacy provides!
You could also have a fence gate by using cut-down panels, in order to make the security better and convenient.