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Plans for Building your Own Wooden Swing Set

Mayuri Kulkarni Feb 15, 2020
Building a swing set in your backyard is the ultimate gift for your children. Before starting this project though, one should first find out the different plans for building your own wooden swing set.
Building a swing set has become quite easy these days. Just a search on the Internet or a visit to your nearby hardware store will help you find loads of swing set plans. You can order complete swing sets kits from a hardware store and build your own wooden swing set, or you can design the plans of your swing set and build it yourself.

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Swing set plans are easily available and you can choose the one that will satisfy your needs and suit the site where the swing set is to be built. You can download these plans from various websites. These websites provide detailed information, including a list of equipment required.
This way you can easily build your wooden swing set, without using any readymade kits. If you wish to use readymade kits, you'll find plans included in the kit itself.

Wooden Swing Set Building Plans

A swing, slide, and seesaw are some of the basic play structures that you can include in your swing set. It is important to keep in mind the number of children who will use the swing set at a time and you should design the plan for building the swing set accordingly.
You may need a larger swing set for more than 3 children. Design the swing set such that it will satisfy the needs of the child. Safety of the child is essential, and the swing set plan should meet the desired safety standards.
The seats for the seesaw can be designed using innovative ideas. The swings come in a variety of designs as well, and can be made from tires, plastic material or ropes. Different types of slides can be used when building your swing set.
You can either choose to build a slide with a plain slope, or go for helical or spiral ones. You can even mount a fort-like structure on the top of the slide. Other outdoor play structures that you can include, are monkey bars, ladder ropes, and a wall for rock climbing.

Important Considerations

Decide on a Budget

Decide on how much money you would like to invest on the swing set. Swing sets come in conjunction with slides, seesaws and many other combinations like playhouses or dollhouses as well. More the number of structures you plan to include in your swing set, higher will be the amount you need to invest.
Also, if you do not want to buy readymade kits and want to build your own swing set, you will have to put in much more effort. Readymade kits come with all the necessary equipment, and you will not have to buy any extra equipment, but these kits are expensive.

Decide on the Approach to Build One

Once you have chosen a plan for your swing set and settled on a budget, it's time to decide whether you will be building it on your own, or if you will be hiring a professional. Many wooden swing sets are easy to build and you need only basic carpentry and woodworking skills to build one.
However, if you are not confident enough, it is always better to hire a professional or consult an expert who will guide you with the process of building your own swing set.
If you opt for readymade swing set kits, you do not have to worry about arranging the equipment. However, if you want to buy the lumber and equipment yourself, it can be a bit difficult, as you may not be aware of the suppliers.
Search on the Internet to find local providers of lumber and other necessary equipment. Always make sure that you buy treated lumber.

Decide on a Location

The location of the swing set should be selected carefully. Make sure that the area is free from obstacles such as trees and poles. Check if the soil is firm enough to hold the foundation of the swing set. The location should preferably be covered with grass. Leveling of the ground at the location may be required.
The plans for building your wooden swing set should be chosen after taking all the above points into consideration. A carefully chosen plan for your wooden swing set, will not only help you save money, but also give your kids immense pleasure.