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Outdoor Stairs Ideas

Aparna Jadhav
Thinking of remodeling your home, and are confused about what kind of outdoor stairs to opt for? Have a look at the ideas mentioned here, so that you can make an informed decision about such a fixture for your home.
Stairs leading to the front entrance are the first thing to be viewed by guests when they visit a home. Considering the effect of creating a good impression, building outdoor stairs can be one of the most intimidating tasks that you will have on hand. However, if the stairs are properly planned and executed they can serve as an inviting masterpiece.
The stairs can be entirely remodeled to give your home a fresh new look. You can eventually change the stairs leading to the backyard or garden in similar fashion to make your home feel more comfortable and alluring.
You can use wood, stones, bricks and iron to build a beautiful stairway that will adorn your entryway. In addition to that, you can have winding stairs, or stairs with a trellis covering to give your home a grand entry.
Considering you do not have to construct a stairway to heaven, the task in hand is not a herculean one, and can be completed in a fairly less amount of time. It's time you said goodbye to your old entry way and incorporated some of these ideas to recreate your home's outdoor stairs. Let's take a look at what you can do to the outdoor stairs with these ideas.

Inspired from Nature

Wooden stairs are perfect to lend the house a brand new look.
Starting from the deck area to the landing, wooden stairs suit just about any front door. Ensure that you regularly apply a coat of protective varnish to keep termites and rot away. This along with a little extra care to keep it clean will ensure you have a grand entrance at all times.

Lay the Bricks

The red and white pattern created by the bricks lends a rustic feel to the house.
You can enhance the stairs by placing pots and plants along the railing or simply allow creepers to make their way along the wall or the railing. Ensure that your brick stairs are well maintained and clean, thus keeping moss away.

A Little Masonry Will do the Trick

How about pristine white stairs adorning the entryway?
All you need are bags of cement to get these stairs in place. It sure will take a while for them to dry and harden out though. You can then white-wash/paint them, add railings, and potted plants to suit your front door. You can even use cemented blocks to build your stairs.

Set in Stone

Get your hand on huge rocks and boulders and get them carved to suit your front door.
Having a stone stair instantly gives the home a holiday look, making it more comfortable. Combine the stone stairs with colorful walls to take you instantly to Grecian styled experience.

Doing it with Tiles

The fastest way to remodel your stairway is to tile them.
With the number of options available you will never run out on ideas to decorate your stairway. Use tiles on the rising of each stair so that you can create an intricate design on them. Avoid tiling the landing of the stairs as they tend to get very slippery with moisture.

Using Iron Stairs to Connect

Last but not the least, resort to the conventional iron stairs to revamp the look of your house. Iron stairs can be a bit boring though, when you can experiment with so many other options. Keep this as a last resort, even if they require minimum amount of time to be installed.