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Outdoor Stair Designs

Mamta Mule
Attractive outdoor stair designs can instantly be the exterior appearance of your house. Outdoor staircase leading to the main door, to the garden or one that is a part of other exterior space is quite prominent and needs to be well designed. A well designed outdoor staircase will heighten the beauty of your exteriors.
A multistory apartment or bungalow does have amazing indoor staircase which often becomes the focal point. A staircase is so designed, that it adds a luxurious touch to the interiors. An exterior staircase is also as important as an interior staircase.

Outdoor Staircase Designs

Outdoor stairs, if not yet constructed, can be built using various materials. It's all about your choice when planning the interiors and exteriors of your house.
One thing that needs to be kept in mind while you go through outdoor staircase design plans is that those in accordance with your interior and exterior decor theme are the best ones. Also, you can choose a material depending upon the style of exterior design and decor of your house.
Wooden outdoor stair designs are quite popular due to their versatility, as they blend well with almost any type of house decor.
While you opt for wooden stairs, ensure that highest quality wood, which is treated to become water-resistant is only used. Have railing of trendy designs, closed blocks or those in slat types, which have space between each step. These are the best for a classy rustic feel.
If you have a contemporary styled house with elegant exteriors, floating stairs can be the thing to opt for. A white floating staircase which gives a rich feel to the area, is definitely a great choice for grand exteriors.
For a natural look, you can have wonderful stone steps which can have accenting rocks and plants from both the sides. These are best choice for staircase that leads to your backyard, garden or a gazebo.
Wrought iron staircase is another option that you can consider. A spiral wrought iron staircase that is durable as well as stylish is a good choice if the number of steps is more.
Let me tell you that railing plays an important role in outdoor stair designs. Indoor and outdoor staircase rails are used for safety and support. If designed properly, handrails are enough to highlight the staircase. From simple straight rods till the thin spirals and thick designer rods, there are numerous options in stair railing which you can consider.
Wrought iron designs can consists of designer patterns of steps and railing. Straight rods with a design block in the center of its height are perfect for wrought iron staircase. The horizontal stair railing rods look simple and classy.
If you have a concrete staircase you can go for the balustrade in concrete which comes in lovely patterns and looks beautiful. Some unusual design patterns done with wrought iron between two supporting horizontal rod frames look quite creative. Cross handrail is a good addition to wooden outdoor staircase.

Outdoor Staircase Beautification Ideas

Once the staircase is ready, it is time to decorate the same to make it more attractive.
Remember that painting the metal or wrought iron staircase with good quality paint is much essential. Go for colors that complement the exterior paint color scheme.
Also, adding creeping plants around the railing is what many prefer for creating a calm look.
You can add plants and rocks surrounding the stairway in case of concrete or stone outdoor staircase designs. You can add potted plants to jazz up the wooden outdoor staircase designs.
Plants with colorful flowers or fresh green potted plants both look classy and work best in highlighting the stairway.
Illuminating the staircase with paver lights and wall lamps is a wonderful idea for jazzing up the outdoor staircase. Adding rich treads or carpet stair runners on the staircase to give it a luxurious feel is a great idea.
So get set to revamp your exteriors with these outdoor staircase plans. Don't hesitate to try something new as the same might give a unique feel to your home design and decor. Check out the design options and have a beautiful staircase gracing your exteriors.