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Information on the Beautiful Weeping Cherry Tree

Amruta Joshi
Here are some beautiful pictures of weeping cherry trees.
This tree is one of the most popular and requested trees at nurseries.
A weeping cherry tree grows best in the spring season, when branches are covered with pink or white flowers.
This tree grows and blooms best in full sun.
While planting weeping cherry trees outdoors, prefer slightly acidic soil.
Don’t overwater this tree, it can destroy the plant. 80-gallons of water every week is sufficient.
The average lifespan of this tree is around ten to twenty years.
Use a slow-releasing granular-type fertilizer for weeping cherry tree.
Weeping cherry trees typically grows 20-40 feet in height.
Weeping cherry trees produce fruit, but it is inedible due to its sour taste.
Plant weeping cherries in a hole as deep as the root ball.
You can prune weeping cherry tree in early spring or late fall.
Weeping cherry tree stems, seeds and leaves are poisonous.
Though weeping cherry trees are native to Japan, they are widely cultivated all over the world.
So add this graceful and elegant tree in your garden and attract others.