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Information on the Beautiful Moonflower with Pictures

Amruta Joshi
Moonflower also known as Datura, is a night flowering plant.
This white flower attracts night-flying insects for pollination.
The scientific name of Moonflower is Ipomoea Alba.
Moonflower comes in white, yellow, pink, red and magenta color.
This flower requires  about 1 inch water per week.
This plant can survive in the heat and high humidity.
You can use half-strength high-phosphorus fertilizer for blooming.
Caution: The flower has mildly toxic effects.
This plant requires well-drained soil with a small amount of compost.
Moonflower is an annual plant and has over 500 species.
Its seeds can germinate within 4 to 10 days.
This plant can grow well in pots and you can put it as indoors.
Moonflower can grow up to 20 feet.
So with proper care, you can have this beautiful flower in your garden.
Enjoy your gardening!!!