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Information on Balloon Flower with Pictures

Balloon flower is native to China, Korea, and Japan.
Here are some beautiful pictures of Balloon flower.
The name of balloon flower is derived from its puffy balloon-like structure.
Balloon flower is available in blue-violet, pink and white colors.
The seeds of this plant need light for germination, so they should be placed on the moist soil without cover.
Organic-rich and loamy soil is perfect for this plant with a pH of about 5.5 to 7.5.
Balloon flower also grows in pots with 10 to 12 inches depth.
This is a low-maintenance plant and requires less care when fully grown.
This plant has deep taproots and requires little watering.
For making flower beds and containers, this plant is an amazing fit.
This flower blooms every year and the buds never cease to delight.
So add this beautiful flower in your garden!

 Amruta Joshi

Laura Ockel, J Lee