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Indoor Plant Stands for Greenery In Your House

Rimlee Bhuyan Mar 17, 2020
For properly displaying houseplants, you need indoor plant stands. Here, we are going to discuss all about indoor plant stands and how to choose the best ones for your indoor plants.
Indoor plants enhances the beauty of any room and helps to bring in some greenery indoors. But you just cannot place a container or pot of indoor plants anywhere, you need beautiful indoor plant stands as well.
Plant stands are crafted out of a variety of materials, like wood, metal, wrought iron, wicker and even bamboo. The choice of houseplant stands will depend upon the overall decor of your room and the type of indoor plant you want to display.
You can choose from pretty basic designs to minimalistic ones to ornate plant stands with beautiful carvings. As mentioned above, the style and design of indoor plant stand plans you choose, depends entirely on the decor of your house and your design sensibilities.

Indoor Plant Stand Designs

Pedestal Plant Stands

There are many different designs of indoor plant stands that you can choose from. One of the most basic and common type of plant stands is the pedestal plant stand.
These plant stands are excellent for showcasing single houseplants like flowering plants, trailing vines or even an attractive cactus plant. Pedestal plant stands that are made of solid wood are the most popular, although they can be a bit on the expensive side.
These plant stands can be placed on bare or awkward corners to liven up the room. Using a pedestal plant stand is the best way to display small plants like moth orchids and violets which otherwise seems to disappear when they are crowded together with other plants.

Plant Stand Trio

This plant stand has three individual stands that has the same design made in wood or metal in three different heights. This is an ideal plant stand for houseplants that are tall or long stemmed. An ideal arrangement for such houseplant stands would be to group the plant stand trio together and display flowering plants that grows in clusters.

Tiered Plant Stands

One of the most popular indoor house plant stand design is the tiered plant stand. It is a plant stand that has three to five tiers for placing the plants and are ideal for instantly transforming the look of any awkward and dark corner of a room.
A tiered houseplant stand looks excellent when placed in lobbies and they are ideal for displaying beautiful blooms and large indoor plants that has a good shape.

Hanging Plant Stands

They are a great addition to your decor and can be placed near window sills or attached to walls and balconies.
The best houseplants that you can place in indoor plant hangers are hanging indoor plant and decorative vines, climbers and orchids. This kind of plant stands are usually made of plastic or wrought iron. For durability and aesthetics, it is best that you choose wrought iron hanging plant stands.

Choosing Indoor Plant Stands

These were some traditional indoor plant stand ideas for your home. If you are looking for more modern and unique plant stands, you should choose a simple teak plant stand with two separate platforms. This type of plant stand allows you to display two different houseplants and are best placed in a porch or entryway.
Tall plant stands made out of steel and glass are great for displaying delicate blooms and bonsai. Decorative indoor plant stands like a cherub holding a plant made from cast resin are also great for enhancing the look of any room.
A plant stand should not be too showy or flashy. It should enhance the beauty of the indoor plants and not overpower it. The best colors of plant stands are neutral colors and those that look like wood. You can also opt for houseplant stands with light for a very contemporary look.
Plant stands should be chosen keeping in mind the type of plants you are going to display and the decor of your home. Indoor plants can enhance any space and make it look more beautiful.