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How to Grow Golden Rain Trees

Be a guerrilla gardener!

Chinese Lanterns

The Golden Rain Tree is also known as the Chinese Lantern Tree because of its papery seed pods.
A good seed pod has four fully developed seeds.

Make sure the seed is fully developed.

Add the seed to your collection.

Sow the Seed

It's best to harvest seeds in the spring as it starts to warm up. Seeds need "cold stratification" before they can successfully be sown or they won't sprout.

 I collected seeds in March from a tree next to a parking lot.

Get some good potting soil

Fill a container

Make sure your container has holes in the bottom. (More on that in a moment.)

Place the Seeds

Put a few seeds on top. That way you are sure that at least a couple of seeds will sprout.

Cover the Seeds

Put a 1/4 inch of soil on top of the seeds or push them in to that depth.

Gently water

Add water until the container is evenly most from top to bottom.

... until water drips

Wait 30 Days

Leave your seeds in a warm sunny spot for 30-60 days, until they sprout. Keep the soil moist. Then remove seedlings so you only have one tree per container.

Let it Grow

Let your tree grow and grow until the tree has roots that fill the container.

Transplant your Tree

Once your tree is established in its container you can plant it in Autumn. Find a spot that will get water; 6-8 hours of sunlight.

Enjoy your Golden Rain Tree and think:
This is a Happy Chinese Lantern New Year! 

Best wishes, Joe Feral

 Joe Feral