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How to Add a Twist to Your Garden with Amazing Tree Face Art?

Christina Andrew
Do you have a big garden with trees in it? We're sure it looks beautiful the way it is, but you can add a twist to your garden by giving a face to the immobile lives bearing beautiful flowers and fruits. We give you some ideas to decorate your trees to help you come up with a different look and feel for your garden!

For that Natural Look!

Genuine Tree Peeple tree faces can help add a distinct note to your trees. These tree faces are composed of all-weather garden stone, have an earth brown touch, and make for an attractive option for tree trunks.
The decoration of trees has been in practice from many years. People have worshiped trees as their source of food and many other things. You certainly know your trees as living things, and love and care for them like they are a part of your life.
It has considerably decreased over the years, but for some people who would like to add a twist to their gardens, tree face art is a good option.
Have you imagined what your tree would look like if it had a face? Well, bring your imaginations to reality. Give your tree a face! You can do so by carving your tree or painting a face on it. For those who don't have an artistic hand, there's nothing to worry because there are several stores where you get tree accessories and ready-to-hang faces.
Elucidated further are a few accessories and masks you can use to give your tree a face! There are a lot more available that might just fit your requirements if you start searching for them.


The easiest way to decorate your tree is to get accessories from city stores, or if going out and shopping is not possible, it's always available on online stores.
Tree face accessories come in varieties―expressions like happy, sad, ugly, pretty, cute, and scary including a man's and woman's face. You need to choose the right one. If your tree has delicate branches and looks feminine, you might consider women's faces. If your tree just shed its leaves, and looks like a spooky naked tree, choose scary ones.


Masks have been used by people of all centuries. They give you a different face altogether! Masks come under those few things that are widely available in stores, and the best part is that you will get a huge variety to choose from!
An African woman mask made of metal with intricate design on it, for your majestic feminine tree.
A tribal woman mask for a not-so-majestic, but feminine tree.

This is an authentic African mask to give your tree that tribal look!
This sad African black mask can be put maybe when your tree is shedding.
Scare off your friends with the Japanese demon face mask.
A happy African face for your tree.
This is one spooky face you can give your naked tree!
The pensive, scared, and skeptical old tree mask!


Carving your tree to give it a face will make it look real. This includes a lot of hard work, time, and patience, and is recommended only if you are good at it because you might give up at the end while trying to get what you want. This is not a discouragement but only a simple advice as we don't want you to get disheartened.
Buddha carving on tree
Wooden face carving


You can also create totems! It's fun to carve different creatures on the tree and paint them with various bright colors. Totems are symbolic representations of spirit beings or sacred objects, which were made in the olden times.
If you look closely, your tree does look like some other living creature or symbol on its own. It might show in the shape of its bark, branches, or leaves. If you have spent a lot of time with your trees, you can find the right spot to accessorize it, highlighting its subtle manifestation of its allegory.