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Garden Window Prices

Medha Godbole
This story provides some information on the prices of garden windows, that might prove beneficial to those being bothered about the same.
Picture this - you are standing at the bedroom window, with a nice, steaming hot cup of coffee in your hand and admiring the lilacs, roses, chrysanthemum, and the like in your flower garden. It would be such a lovely sight. Now, further imagine if you had a garden window, especially made, then how great would that be.
They are also known as box windows or greenhouse windows and it can be identified by the way it juts out from the building. Furthermore, they are meant primarily for nurturing plants. These windows lend the appearance of a greater space to the room. They also bring more light in the room.

Cost-related Information

Their price can vary depending on the size and style of the replacement window. Also, whether it is a stand alone or needs to be installed as a part of the replacement influences the cost.
On an average, if you take a standard-sized vinyl window, which measures 3X3 feet, 3X4 feet, or 4X4 feet, the prices will approximately be between $450 or $550 and $750 to $900. These windows are not usually stocked, as they consume a lot of space and therefore are made to order.
Naturally so, these tend to cost more. If you take into account the price range from known brands, it is approximately around$ 600 at Sears, while Pella garden window available at Lowe's is for around $514 to $520.

Size and Materials

As mentioned earlier, the size and material of this window goes a long way in determining the price. For instance, if you consider an unusual shaped and non-standard sized one made of vinyl, then you may have to shell out around $1,000, going up to $4,000 or more, as per the size. The same is the case, if you get one built with aluminum or wood. Glass coating, casement, tinting, and other enhancements would mean that you have to shell out some more money.

Other Cost Considerations

The aforementioned prices were just for the windows. In addition to that, you would have to pay the installation costs. Including it, the cost will go up to $2,000 to $4,000. However, this is subject to change, based on the rates of material available locally, the size, and the expanse of the window, and other factors. To give you an example, a 3X3 feet vinyl window with standard clear glass is priced in the range of $1,000 or so.
On the other hand, a 6X3 feet aluminum one having tempered and low-E glass, and a bronze tint to go with, will cost around $1,600. An 8X5 feet kit with custom colors, tempered glass, and an extra shelf is priced around $3,660 or more or less, again depending on what your individual preferences and specifications are.
Along with this, you can give a thought to the installation of these windows by yourselves, as a do it yourself project. Doing this would perhaps save a good amount of money. However, if you are even a little bit skeptical, you might give the whole thing to a professional.
Furthermore, if an old window in your house needs to be removed in the place where you want to fit the garden window, then make sure that the removal and finishing costs are also included in the final estimate.