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Fascinating Violet Flowers for Garden

Dhanashree Khadke

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Purple is a color of royalty and sophistication. Here are some of the flowers from the violet family ranging from calming lavender to bright and dramatic purple!
Morning Glory
When you walk out of your home for a morning walk then probably the morning glories can be the first thing that would catch your attention! They bloom early in the morning and unfurl by the afternoon.
The Chinese people were the first to discover the therapeutic uses of morning glory!
Quick Fact!
This woody plant appears in clusters of soft violet blooms and often symbolizes spirituality.
This heat-resistant plant is an excellent choice for violet lovers as its long-lasting flowers keep your garden glowing for the entire day.
Lavenders are best for lazy gardeners. Their blossoming remains unhindered even when watered irregularly. The only necessity is ample sunlight!
Did you know?
Not just the lavender flower, but every part of the plant offers a soothing aroma that is effective in healing insomnia and anxiety.
Butterfly Pea
Pluck some fresh Butterfly pea flowers from your garden and bring them to a boil with a pinch of cinnamon powder and some honey, and get yourself pampered with soothing Blue tea!
These beautiful violet flowers with a yellow center are perfect to bring charm to your garden throughout the summer and autumn. It can be used to cover walls or railings.
Bush Clock Vine
You just can't beat the resilience of lotus! The beautiful flower takes birth from the mud, flaunts throughout the day, and submerges into the mud again.
Lotus symbolizes strength, purity, and rebirth.
Passionflower vine invites colorful butterflies and bees as they find its nectar delicious.
Some people also use passionflower as a herb to cope with insomnia and anxiety.
Petunias are truly a feast for the eyes! Their bright and patterned blooms surely stop garden visitors on the track.

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You can grow this summer plant in containers as well as hanging baskets.
African Violet
This low-maintenance houseplant keeps blooming around the year and its flowers last for a week or more.
You can surprise your loved ones with an African Violet as they symbolize devotion and commitment.
African violets are pet-friendly!