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Different Types of Daffodils

Amruta Joshi
This group has a wide range of colors from white, yellow, pink, peach or red.
1. Large-cupped Daffodils
They have one bold flower per stem with their trumpet  longer than the outer petals.
2. Long Cup Daffodils
They come in bi-colored varieties with gorgeously colored cups.
3. Small-cupped Daffodils
Sweetly fragrant, this group comes in beautiful styles of double row of petals.
4. Double Daffodils
These daffodils have small, narrow cups and reflexed petals.
5.  Cyclamineus Daffodils
6. Tazetta Daffodils
These bloom in clusters, with short cups and an intensely sweet fragrance.
Poeticus Daffodils have small, flattened cups with green, orange or red designs inside.
7. Poeticus Daffodils
8. Split Corona Daffodils
Typically bicolored, they have large flowers on strong stems.
9. Miniature Daffodils
With their small sizes, they are also ideal for rock gardens.
Their white or yellow blossoms are usually downward-facing.
10. Triandrus Daffodils
Wonderfully fragrant, these daffodils, small flowers, having usually 2 to 6 per stem.
11. Jonquilla Daffodils