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Different Daisy Flowers with Pictures

Amruta Joshi
English Daisy is a common type of daisy which blooms between April and June.
English Daisy
African Daisy likes lot of sunlight and needs very less amount of water to grow.
African Daisy
Gloriosa Daisy attracts bees and butterflies.
Gloriosa Daisy
This daisy grows well in sandy or rocky areas.
Curly Leaf Daisy
Gerbera daisy has more than 40 varieties.
Gerbera Daisy
Blue Marguerite Daisy
This daisy grows best in summer temperatures.
Marguerite Daisy needs a well-draining soil, a warm temperature and plenty of sunlight.
Marguerite Daisy
Aster Daisy is good to be planted in moist and cool area.
Aster Daisy
Gaillardia Daisy is also known as blanket flower.
Gaillardia Daisy
Butter Daisy is a bright yellow colored flower, needs sunlight to grow.
Butter Daisy
Coneflower Daisy is identified by their spiky flower heads and  drooping petals.
Coneflower Daisy
Crown Daisy
Crown Daisy is an edible annual plant used in many dishes in Asia.
Cape Daisy is rich in pollen, attracts bees and butterflies.
Cape Daisy
Florist's Daisy has multiple petals, which gives pom-pom like look.
Florist's Daisy