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What’s the Cost of Drilling a Well

Optimize drilling well cost.
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At times, to keep the cost uniform, well drillers charge a higher basic drilling cost because drilling in mountainous or hilly regions is difficult as compared to the regions that lie on the plains or within the river basin. There are a few other factors that affect the total cost of drilling in a particular region.

Depth of Water Table

The first point that the drillers usually consider while levying the charge, is the average depth of the water table. Now what exactly is a water table? When the rainwater falls down on the surface of the earth, the water either joins the water bodies or percolates down into the ground.
The water percolates and collects into a stream and then either collects up in one place or goes to join rivers, streams or lakes. In case of coastal regions, it directly joins the oceans. The level of the water table varies from place to place. Hence, deeper the level of the water table, higher the cost of drilling.
Some of the drillers cost out the entire price of the well on the basis of the depth of the water table, by charging an 'x' amount of dollars per foot or per meter. While calculating the cost of drilling the water well, you need to contact the drillers and inquire about the price of drilling, in terms of feet or meters.

Type of Soil

It so happens that often the drillers are forced to insert a tube into the well, to prevent the loose mud from falling into the water below. This happens especially if the well is being dug out on an agricultural piece of land or if the location of the well is somewhere in the river basin.
In such locations, the soil is so fine, that there is often a good chance that it may fall into the well and has to be thus enforced by inserting the pipe. The drillers in such cases, club the cost of the tube that is to be inserted into the drilling cost. The cost of drilling the well thus becomes very high, around $5000- $15000.
The cost of drilling a well also depends on the structuring of the soil, and the rocks that are found in the layering of the soil. If the density of the rocks is too large, then the cost drastically increases.

Pump and Other Accessories

While preparing a cost sheet for the estimate of the cost, you can include cost of the submersible or non submersible pump to be used to pump out the water from the well. Once the cost sheet is done, prepare the list of companies that drill wells, those that provide tubes and piping system and manufacturers that provide the pumps.
You may also need to take a survey of the land and predict the best location where water table is high. This can be done with the help of experts and drillers. Consider including the costs of water filters that you may require in case the quality of water is very poor.