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Can Wicker Furniture be Painted?

Tulika Nair
Read on to find out.
The swing made of wicker that you have in your patio has been your favorite piece of furniture since you were a kid. You look forward to those winter mornings when you can sit in your patio, curled up with a cup a coffee, reading your favorite book.
And now that favorite piece of furniture looks like a kid scratched it all the way through with a fork in his hand. The original finish is flaking off and you are dying to redo the swing. You can easily do so. All you have to do is paint your swing and get it to look all nice and shiny.
The right color can add just the pop of brightness that a room can need. Whether the finish of the furniture is peeling and flaking off, or the original paint is chipping off, or you just need a change in your room, painting wicker furniture can be just the solution you are looking for.

Steps to Paint and Redo Your Furniture

Inexpensive and easy, those are the two things that will sell you on painting your furniture. Your entire room can be done in shades of white and cream and having that single wicker ottoman in your room with red accents can be just the bit of color that you require.
If your furniture was painted earlier and now this paint is chipping off, then you need to enhance its appearance by painting it. Ensure that the paint you use has a matte finish and that it gets in all the gaps of the furniture. You can also just choose to apply varnish, lacquer, or shellac to the furniture to protect it from the vagaries of nature.
Never try to scrape off the old paint on the furniture. This will just damage the furniture further. While there may be slight imperfections and color overlapping, this will not be very noticeable. A paint stripper may cause more damage than good.
Use spray paint as this will ensure that you do a job that is uniform. If your furniture was painted a color other than white, you may need to use a white spray paint as a primer to camouflage any disfiguration caused by an earlierjob.
Remember that this can be quite a messy job and if you want to ensure that there is no spillage, it is advisable to take the job outdoors. While you can easily paint over old paint, if there are thick layers, then use a wire brush to take it off. Do be careful while doing this, as you do not want to damage the furniture further.
Decide on the design details before starting on the process of painting. Do you want to paint the furniture completely in one color or are you just looking at creating accents? What are the colors that will match the rest of your furnishings? While using patterns on furniture is not very common, stripes and checks can be a great look, if done well.
Before starting the process of painting furniture, wash it properly with soap water. Hose it down with water and allow it to dry in natural sunlight. After it is dry you can sand it slightly to prepare it for the process of painting.
Use spray paint in sweeping motions from different angles. This will ensure that even the toughest-to-reach nooks are filled with paint. Allow the paint to dry for at least one hour before you spray paint a second coat.
Painting wicker furniture can be a great task for the weekend when you are looking at some DIY home improvement options. They can be a great addition to your house, especially the window seat or the patio. It gives any room a cozy, lived-in feel that makes everyone very comfortable.