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9 Beautiful Types of Lilies for Your Garden

You want to propose someone or congratulate someone? Add lilies to your bunch or make a whole bunch of them, they are sure to convey your feelings to the core.
Vinita Tahalramani

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They bloom for long and so are the favorites of florist with the butterfly tourist.
Asiatic Lilies
Grow it in containers or grow it in ground, in Asia are they found. Full sun is what they need, fertilization for good life is to be feed.
Oriental Lilies
Highly prized, highly fragrant, used in flower cut arrangements, but keep them away from furry friends (cats). Note: Cats are allergic to these.
Trumpet Lilies
Partial shade they want and bright white color they flaunt. Sometimes found in pink and yellow shades, and their fragrance never fades.
Martagon Lilies
It's a downward facing flower but stands proud with its appearance, grows in natural settings in wild gardens.
Longiflorum Lilies
Ideal for container growing, good for gifting, and perfect for garden adorning.
Candidum Lilies
Garden landscaping is your need, sow this flower seed. Have a striking appearance grabs and undivided attention.
Tiger Lilies
Tall they grow upto 4 feet, the stunning beautiful look is surely garden's treat.
Canada Lilies
"Nodding" lilies they are also known, varied medicinal properties they own.
Orange Pixie Lily
Size is the talk, but grows with spread and stays for long in your walk.
Pick your flower or make a pair to make your garden beautifully fair.