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Artistic Ideas to Decorate Your Garden with Painted Rocks

Neha B Deshpande
Looking for something unique to beautify your garden? Why not try something pocket-friendly, yet strikingly smart at the same time? Painted rocks can be an apt way to stylize your garden. Here are some design patterns of rock painting that will be ideal to decorate your garden.

Rock Painting Ideas for Kids

If you're unwilling to hunt for rocks, there are rock painting kits available in stores, that comes with painted rocks craft ideas, acrylic paints, brushes, and even round river stones.
Rock painting, as an art, has a deep and profound history. Cave painting was done by nomadic man, and there are many evidences of rock art left behind. Different motifs and symbolic languages have been engraved by indigenous people. They stand as a testimony to history, and are a subject of study for archaeologists.
If you're looking for little bit of fun with rock painting for your garden, you've come to the right page! Decorating your garden with painted rocks can be a cheap and easy way to make a style statement, Plus, it also gives you the satisfaction and joy of creation.
Another bonus is that you don't have to take any special efforts to preserve this art work of yours. Of course, you need to find appropriate places in your garden to place them. So, if you're all game for it, here are some tips that might come handy.

Rock Painting Instructions and Tips

Things You'll Need

➥ Acrylic colors
➥ Paint brushes of various sizes
➥ Clean cloth to wipe
➥ *Rocks/pebbles, preferably with smoother edges

*Use river rocks, since they have smoother edges and surfaces, making it easier to paint them. You can also collect colorful pebbles and make interesting use of them.

Rock Painting: An artist's hands at work.

Always wipe off the dust on the rocks, else you'll end up spoiling or damaging your paint brushes. You can use acrylic colors, since they work best on rocks. They dry quickly and do not fade easily.
It is preferable to use bright hues on the surface of the rocks. Choose the rocks according to the design you want to make. For example, if you wish to paint a fish, look out for an oblong-shaped rock.For inspiration, use the following pictures of painted rocks. Though, you can let your imagination run wild and come up with your own stuff too.

Some Inspiration from Nature

Rainbows and floral inspiration for your garden.

Simple floral designs with strokes of a paintbrush.

Be Innovative

Make clever use of different sizes of stones. Use them at the entrance of your garden. Paint them in bright colors and experiment around!

Fill Your Garden with Rocky Pets

You need not seek permission from your family to bring this cat home. Find a large stone and paint your favorite pet on it. Such painted rocks are also available in decor stores.
Welcome the ladybird and her family to your garden. Or simply place a basket of painted strawberries: that will also not fail to make an impression.

The Laughing Garden

Add some humor to your garden with the help of different painted rocks.

Tryst with Words

For those who want to add a little bit of philosophy to their garden, simply paint words on the rocks. 'Wish' and 'Joy' are synonymous with nature, something which plants in your garden.
Similarly, try using these white pebbles and paint in black. Use symbols and different languages. For example, 'Glück' means 'good luck' (in German). You can also write different names on the rocks.

Splash of Colors

Decorate your garden with a festival of colors, including bright shades of blue, pink, red, yellow, etc.
While art is boundless, you can have your creative juices flowing to no limit. We hope that the pictures of painted rocks given here, have at least helped trigger your creative mind. Other than these, you can also try other stone painting designs of fish, abstract or geometrical patterns, etc.
Make painting on rocks a group affair; involve your siblings, friends, family, and spend some quality time together in a fun way. Let painting rocks for your garden be a rocking affair!