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Artificial Grass Cost

Pushpa Duddukuri
Green and lush lawn is beautiful to look at, though it's quite hard to maintain. Other alternative for evading grass troubles is artificial turf. Here find out how much money you have to draw from your bank for getting artificial grass installed in your front yard.
A plush green lawn is every American's dream, but this dream can come true only when you are ready to burn a big hole in your pocket. Maintenance of lawn isn't as easy as you would want it to be, it needs as much care as a newborn.
This task is hardly a piece of cake, with the frequent watering and trimmings, not to mention, dry patches on the ground, etc. These things are enough to give you wrinkles on your forehead.
Most of the people take an easy way out by just buying an artificial turf and installing it. So if you are one of those people who are thinking along these lines, then make sure that its cost is well within your budget.
Artificial turf is made of polypropylene, is usually 5 cm long and has latex coat. This is highly durable and a no-maintenance product. Artificial grass, also known as putting greens, is basically of two types: infill artificial grass and non-infill artificial grass. The cost of infill artificial grass is higher than that of non-infill artificial grass.
It's because infill artificial grass is filled with sand particles and rubber to give it buoyancy and flexibility, whereas non-infill artificial grass is just simple kind of synthetic turf. If you want your turf fibrillated, that is brushed by a hi-tech machine to give it a rich and buoyant feel, then again, it will add to your budget.

Artificial Grass Installation

Installing it is a costly affair. Though once done, it hardly needs any other investment. It can be done either by a professional or else you can try it by yourself. The average cost of installation is around 12 USD per square foot, based on the type of the turf. There are different types of brands available in the market, with each claiming to be the best.
You got to be careful while making your purchase as quality and cost are an important criteria, which shouldn't be overlooked. So go through more than five products of artificial grass and find out their cost, then only decide upon what kind of grass is suitable for your garden or can be a part of your home decor.
While installing your garden with this turf, there are a few things you should keep in mind:
  • Make sure there is no drainage area in the vicinity of the supposed grass field. If there is such a problem, then consult a professional to know whether your expensive turf has a risk of getting spoiled or not.
  • If artificial garden lawn is what you want, first measure the area required for the synthetic lawn, then accordingly, cut out pieces of synthetic grass.
  • Remove obstacles likes rocks from the area where artificial turf is to be installed. Smoothen out the surface, so that there wouldn't be any bumps under the grass turf.
  • Glue the synthetic turf to the ground with the help of double adhesive tape or super-glue.
Did you know that some states like Texas offer tax saving opportunities if you choose synthetic turfs over natural ones,  because natural grass needs a lot of water for maintenance which is particularly disadvantageous in areas which are facing water scarcity problems.
Most products in the market are both pet and kids friendly so you no longer have to sacrifice your weekend to get a beautiful patch of grass. Natural grass doesn't grow well in high foot traffic areas like a playground, backyard, etc.
On the other hand, synthetic grass is a one-time investment which frees you from all year-round maintenance expenses. You can even install it your roof terraces and balconies. You can keep it squeaky clean with warm water and a mild detergent. In short, it is an escape shot from constant lawn mowing and all the problems concerning natural grass.