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All About the Poison Ivy with Pictures

Amruta Joshi
Here we give you quick information of Poison Ivy.
Poison ivy is also known as eastern poison.
Poison ivy is an allergenic plant, although everyone is not allergic to these plants.
Poison ivy changes color with the season, reddish in spring, green in summer, yellow or orange in fall.
Poison ivy plant contains an oily resin which causes rashes.
Ivy leaves can be smooth to touch. And they may or may not have a glossy appearance.
Some Ivy plants, even grow yellow-green flowers and berries.
Ivy has three leaves per stem structure, though it is harder to identify.
Poison ivy plant grows up the surface like over the trees and walls.
It can also be planted in the garden to form a dense mass of growth
Be careful while planting poison ivy in your garden.