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All About Snapdragon Flower

Amruta Joshi
This flower looks like a dragon and hence known as Snapdragon or Dragon Plant.
Snapdragon flower comes in different colors like pink, purple, yellow, white and red.
The smallest variety of these fower can be 6 to 15 inches in height and the tallest can grow up to 48 inches.
These blossoms grow best with plenty of sun and damp soil.
Snapdragon flowers can actually be edible, that's why some restaurants uses them for garnishing.
Snapdragons are a native to the United States, Europe and North Africa, found in rocky habitats.
There are approximately 40 different species of the snapdragon flowers.
There are both annual and perennial snapdragon plants, some of the plants commonly grow as annual plants.
Snapdragon flower can grow in pots or in the garden for ornamental purposes.
Snapdragon flower can bloom in a bunch.