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All About Azalea Flower with Pictures

Amruta Joshi
Azalea plant is a popular flowering plant from rhododendron family.
Azalea flower blooms in spring season and lives for just a week.
There are more than thousand species of azalea flower.
Azalea is a native plant of United States, North America as well as Asia and Europe.
This flower blooms in orange, yellow, white, and red color.
An azalea plant is found on rocky slopes, or in the shade of other taller plants.
This plant can not survive in very low temperatures.
Azalea needs moist and well drained soil to grow.
Some species of azalea flower are mild toxic.
Eating azalea might cause abdominal pain, and cardiovascular problems.
All parts of the flower are poisonous including the honey from the flower.
An azalea plant grows all its life and live for many years.
This flower grows up to 2 inches to 10 inches depending on climate condition.
Most of the azalea flower plant is resistant to pests.
So do add this beautiful, and cheerful flower to your garden...with all the necessary care.