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5 Best Vegetables to Grow in Pots

Mark Yarbrough
What vegetables grow best in pots? Container gardening is a great option for growing vegetables in limited space. However, not every vegetable will grow well. Here are the 5 best vegetables that will thrive in pots.
1. Green Beans
Green beans do well in pots. Most are climbers, so grow them on a trellis, they will climb and spread for a great harvest from a single container. Grow beans in a pot that is at least a foot deep and give them lots of sunshine.
2. Tomatoes
Tomatoes are hands down the most productive vegetable you can grow in a pot. They will need about 6 hours of sun per day. Pot size depends on the type of tomato you want to grow. Cherry tomatoes can be grown in pots less than a foot deep. Other tomatoes will require larger containers.
3. Lettuce
Growing lettuce requires a wide pot that's about six inches deep. Start your lettuce in the spring or grow in winter if you live in a warm climate. Grow lettuce in well-draining soil and water frequently. Allow at least 4 inches between plants.
4. Chili Peppers
Chili Peppers thrive in containers. Grow them in a warm and sunny spot and they will yield heavily. Moderately fertilize them several times during the season. Grow them in a pot that is a foot deep or more for the biggest harvest.
5. Cucumbers
Cucumbers should be grown in larger pots for bigger harvests. Grow in a sunny area and keep them watered. Cucumbers will grow fast and you can start picking them in about 9 to 12 weeks.
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