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15 Most Beautiful Pictures Of Annual Flowers

Prajakta Patil
The lantana is known as shrub verbena. These flowers are commonly blooming in July.
Bachelor’s Button
Bachelor's button in called as cornflower. These flowers bloom in late spring and early summers.
Begonia is the fastest growing annual flower. These bloom in early summers.
Bluebonnets are Texas bluebonnets. They bloom between end of March and mid May.
Ivy-leaf Geranium
Ivy - leaf geranium is also known as pelargonium peltatum. These flower have fleshy leaves and are heart shaped.
Verbena bloom in summer season. These are bright colored flowers.
Angelonia is blooming in late spring. These flowers are slightly tabular which are a magnet for butterflies and insects.
Marigold is famous flower plant for growing easily. These flowers are orange colored.
Madagascar periwinkle is another name for vinca. It is a multicolored flower and grow in colors like pink, blue, red, lavender, white and raspberry.
Calla Lilies
Calla lilies are known as arum lilies. They are annual in United States but not in south.
Lisianthus flower is like a rose. It is a long season annual flower.
Zinnia flowers are similar to dahlias. These are low maintenance flowers and also grow quickly in garden.
Impatiens are known as busy lizzies and patient lucy. They bloom in late spring to fall.
Petunia flower is a summer annual flower. These flowers grow in red, pink and blue shades.
Ageratum flowers are also known an floss flowers. They usually grow
in blue shades.